Thursday, July 17, 2008

where is everyone?

Boy, I feel like I am talking to myself!!! I guess I am....hahahaha......always get the answer I want! NEWS......Inisheer will release it's second cd in is amazingly good, a lot of waltzes and a variety of instruments including hammered dulicmer and accordian. I am a PROUD MAMA AND WIFE! terr

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hey, Wow Donny didn't take you long to get that going. It took me since Sunday to figure out how to access it!! DUH, finally i went back and reread your email and learned how to sign it!!!! I am really slow, but persistent! Loved the reunion, so nice to see people and get caught up on the news. Thanks for setting this up I hope others will access it.


Saturday, July 5, 2008

2008 Reunion Picnic

Each year, as many as are able gather at Buck Pond in Onchiota, a quaint little village in the Adirondacks. Beautiful weather made the 2008 gathering a delight for all who attended. The food wasn't bad, either!

Hopefully, if I have a chance to talk to one of the "elders" of the family, I'll come back to put more captions on these pictures. I don't know all of my relatives, unfortunately...

Enjoy the pics!

This picture shows, from left to right, Sam Clark, her fiance Jerry Warren, Karen Norris, Wendy Straight (seated, partially obscured), Ida Ransom, Carmen Longo, Chuck and Heather Rudolph (and someone unidentified behind Chuck), Marilyn Rudolph, Jordan McCallus, held by his father Jeffrey, and Chris McCallus, Jeff's aunt (she's not actually a Ransom family member).

Shown here, also from left to right, are Lori Ransom (turned around), Blair Rudolph, Linda O'Neil, Heather Van Valkenburg (seated), her son Jeff, Alyssa (on this side of the table) and her boyfriend Josh Tyler, who is partially blocking Hugh Tyler (seated), then Joel Perkins, his mother Terrie, Joan Tyler, Tina Tyler (we think), and Kevin Tyler.